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There are different ways to earn your living in Finland. Most traditional is the employment relationship where employers hire employees to do certain jobs. Employers pay employees their salaries and make mandatory payments to the Tax Administration. All employees have to do, is to submit their tax card, in which case employers take care of everything else. Employers have to pay a much higher amount in full than the salary actually paid to employees. This is sometimes criticized but legislation exists for a reason. Employees’ rights are very good in Finland.

Light entrepreneurship (Kevytyrittäjyys) is a way to employ yourself and act almost like an entrepreneur, but without a Business ID. So no, according to the Tax Administration, a light entrepreneur is not seen as a traditional entrepreneur. Invoicing is done through the invoicing service, because the sender of the invoice must have a Business ID. Using FREE! Kevytyrittäjä (Light Entrepreneur) as a service is a good choice, if the person wants to get a taste of entrepreneurship without a Business ID! The service will handle the mandatory deductions and withholding taxes, making it an easy option to start with your own business idea. It is very easy to start working as a light entrepreneur and FREE! Talent is a great place to look for your first assignments!

Entrepreneurship is then the real deal for people who want to be their own bosses and really see the life of an entrepreneur. In Finland there are several options for the company form to choose from. Most common ones are limited companies and private traders. Entrepreneurship has its pros and cons, but in the end, it is easier than people think. Accounting firms can handle the dreaded bureaucracy so there is no need to worry about for example, bookkeeping or tax reports. When considering being an entrepreneur, the most important thing is to have a business idea and a passion big enough to implement the idea.

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