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No one is left alone in Finland. There is always help available and it also affects working life. In case of unemployment or sickness, there are options to get through it regardless of the fact that the person has been an employee or a self-employed person. As a self-employed person, you usually have to take more care of your own things than compared to an employee.

As an self-employed person, social security is most dependent on YEL insurance. YEL insurance is mandatory once some requirements have been met and it is necessary for most of the self-employed people, regardless of whether they are light entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs. YEL insurance affects pension, unemployment benefits and when illness threatens livelihood.

For example, YEL income must be at least 13 076 euros in order for a person to have access to unemployment insurance. That includes the earnings-related unemployment daily allowance or basic daily allowance. The earnings-related allowance is available for entrepreneurs who have joined entrepreneur's unemployment fund called Yrittäjäkassa.

Sickness allowance is also linked with YEL- insurance, but it does not have an income limit and can be available to self-employed without YEL on some special occasions. YEL-insurance is easy to get in our FREE! Light Entrepreneurship service, when needed! Labor market subsidy is available to everyone. Now during coronavirus some criteria such as waiting periods have and work requirement changed temporarily.

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