Invoicing your job's 5min

Entrepreneurs and light entrepreneurs get paid through invoicing. Invoicing can be done by traditional invoices or in some other way, for example by using a payment terminal. Ordinary people are not able to send invoices by themselves because a Business ID is required. Therefore, a billing service is needed for invoicing without your own Business ID, as in the case of light entrepreneurship. An invoice must contain specific information that is determined by the legislation.

The list of requirements is quite long, so using an invoice template or billing services is a good option to handle sending invoices correctly, even when having your own Business ID. The invoicing price should be higher than the salary for the same job, as the self-employed have to pay the costs. The price can be multiplied by approximately 1,25-1,3 to cover basic costs such as YEL-insurance and then add value added tax (VAT) to the price.

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