Introduction to finnish working culture 5min

Equality, honesty and punctuality. These are some of the basic values we have in our working culture in Finland. Otherwise the working culture is quite casual compared to some other Western countries. Usually, there is no need to learn any specific manners such as calling your boss a Mr. or Mrs . It is still important to follow the rules and most importantly to respect your colleagues, superiors and subordinates.

Work-related legislation is quite strict in Finland and it sets the ground rules for employers and employees. Together with collective agreements, the legislation defines, for example the minimum wage, working hours, vacations and terms of termination. All of these have an impact on traditional employment relationships. The situation is different if we talk about commissions, but we will get to that later in the “Ways to Work” section.

Although Finns speak English quite well, it is recommended to learn either Finnish or Swedish in the long run. Many jobs require the ability to speak Finnish and some Swedish also. Globalization has changed corporate languages, but at least, for example, traditional customer service in some industries may be almost impossible in English only.

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