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Does Finland offer good employment opportunities for foreign people?

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Specially some industries are suffering from labor shortage, for example healthcare sector.

Which authoritative admits residence permits?

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Finnish Immigration Service is the right place to seek information regarding permits related to work-based residence permits.

Are ordinary people able to send invoices by themself in Finland?

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Sending invoices requires a business Id. People without a company can use invoicing services to send invoices and work as light entrepreneurs.

What are the two most common company types in Finland?

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In total over 90 percent of Finnish companies are either limited companies or private traders.

Which of the following ways of working is the most common in Finland?

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Even though the popularity of light entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship is rising, is traditional employment still the most common way to work.

What does VAT mean?

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Value added tax is a general consumption tax. In Finland the standard rate is 24 percents and it is one of the highest in Europe

As an entrepreneur or light entrepreneur what is social security mostly affected by in Finland?

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YEL-insurance is a pension insurance that will accumulate your pension. YEL-insurance consists of a monthly fee that defines your social security as an entrepreneur or light entrepreneur. You are able to, as an entrepreneur or light entrepreneur effect your own level of social security by adjusting the YEL income level. This might be a great benefit for you!

Who takes care of withholding taxes and other mandatory payments regarding salaries in a traditional employment relationship?

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Employer pays salary and therefore must handle all of the mandatory side costs.

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