Taxes and expenses of a light entrepreneur 5min

The taxing of a light entrepreneur is actually pretty simple. You are only required to issue your personal tax card and you can start invoicing your expertise! When you upload your tax card, FREE! will take care of withholding taxes and you don't have to pay the advance taxes that businesses normally have to pay.

Light entrepreneurs expenses like work related travel expenses will be included, when added, in the invoice while you are creating it. Under the Invoice row there is a separate row for expenses and we'll show you where to add which expense. You'll get reimbursed these expenses on top of your salary, paid by your client. If you don't separate your expenses in the invoice, expenses will get paid as a tax free part of your salary.

As a light entrepreneur the invoicing will happen under the invoicing service’s Company ID and VAT will always be added in your invoice. You are unable to benefit from VAT reliefs when you are using an invoicing service. If your invoicing is regular, we recommend using FREE! entrepreneur service, where you can benefit from VAT reliefs.

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