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Do I have to have a Business ID as a light entrepreneur?

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No, light entrepreneur does not need a Business ID, even though he works entrepreneur-like

Can a freelancer work as a light entrepreneur?

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Yes, light entrepreneur using invoicing services have many names; freelancer, gig worker, self-employed

Part-time light entrepreneurs can invoice their work along with a full-time job. True or false?

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TRUE! If your business is seen as part-time, you can also accept a full-time job. When deciding whether you work full or part-time, your income doesn't matter, only the hours you use for the work.

Light entrepreneurs relationship with their client is

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If you work as a light entrepreneur and with a commission, an employment relationship will not form

Which of these is a clear characteristic of a commission?

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The right of direction means the employers right to lead and supervise the work

You have to pay a fee to register to FREE! service

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Only 4% service fee will be charged when your client pays your invoice.

What is FREE! Talent?

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In FREE! Talent you can advertise your expertise and find commissions from different industries and fields of work.

Light entrepreneur's salary is equal to the invoice price

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Light entrepreneur's salary is not equal to the invoice price. When calculating your salary, you have to consider service fees, social security fees, YEL insurance, taxes and accident and liability insurances.

FREE! Advance salary will be paid to your account in seconds and there is no bank delay

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When the money is transferred between the bank, the invoicing service and the client you always have to consider the bank delay. Money is only transferred during working days, which does not include weekends or holidays.

As a FREE! light entrepreneur you have to deliver your tax card to your client yourself

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You only have to deliver your tax card to FREE! and we'll take care of taxes when your salary is paid.

Will YEL insurance have a significant impact on your social security benefits?

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Closer your YEL insurance is to your real income, better the social security benefits you have.

If your invoice is due, FREE! will send out a reminder to your client

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FREE! will send out a reminder to your client for you.

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