Invoicing service, how does it work?

Invoicing as a light entrepreneur means that your invoice will be sent from the invoicing service to your client. Invoicing is an easy way for both parties to reduce unnecessary bureaucracy and increase the time you have to focus on your business.

The invoice

When you have registered to the FREE! light entrepreneur service and have finished your first commission, you create your first invoice and send it to your client. FREE! will require your personal information and your tax card for the invoice. Our service will notify you if any essential information is missing . Be sure to check the tax percent in your tax card, since this will affect your salary. Value added tax, VAT in short, is part of Finnish tax system where VAT, usually 24%, will be added to the final price. The 24% VAT will, with some rare exceptions, always be added to your invoice and by using FREE! services this will be automatic. There are some fields of work where no VAT is applied, like musicians and other performing artists, construction businesses and the healthcare industry. Invoicing between two EU-countries uses an inverted VAT system, where the VAT is 0%.

With the FREE! invoicing service, you can add your clients in advance to a client registry, which you can use to fill up the invoicing information for future invoices. If you want to use e-invoices you will need an e-invoice address. E-invoice is only viable if the payer is a company with a company ID. You will always receive a copy of the invoice to your email address.


The salary paid for a light entrepreneur is not the same as the invoice amount. When calculating the invoice price, we'll have to take into account service fees, sickness insurance fees, possible YEL insurance, taxes and accident and liability insurances. Your salary depends on the fees and your tax percentage. FREE! will automatically reduce your taxes from your salary and submit it to the tax officials. Gross salary will be approximately 60-80% of your invoice price depending on the cost of your possible YEL insurance.

When your invoice is ready, FREE! will deliver it to your client through email. With FREE! you can choose automatic salary payment, which means your salary will get paid to your bank account without you having to request it separately.

You can also request your salary before your client has paid your invoice. In FREE! we call this FREE! Advance salary. The fee for FREE! Advance salary is 3% on top of the normal fee.

Take note! When money is moving between FREE!, the client and the bank, there is a bank delay. Money transfer between banks will take approximately 1 working day, over the night. This is because the money transfers are made nightly. Money will move between banks only working days, so this doesn't include weekends and holidays. Money transfers on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next working day.

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