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Registering in the FREE! light entrepreneurship service is totally free. We don’t charge any monthly fees for our service and it doesn’t bind you to anything. FREE! charges 4% service fee only when your client pays an invoice - this enables us to keep our services up and running.

1. Register to FREE!
2. Carry out a commission
3. Send your invoice through our invoicing service
4. Get paid to your bank account

How do I get commissions?

FREE! Talent is a meeting place for the self employed and the clients. In FREE! Talent anyone can sell their expertise, whether you are a student, entrepreneur, unemployed or employed. Clients can leave open commission requests or sales advertisements to the platform where the entrepreneurs or light entrepreneurs can apply for the commission. The entrepreneurs just have to declare their hourly wage or price for the whole contract and include a bit of information why the entrepreneur would be a good choice for this commission. We already have over 700 self employed entrepreneurs in dozens of different industries registered in the FREE! Talent service.

We all have so many skilled people around us and that is something we should utilize more. Many are working full-time on one job, but are experts at the same time in many other fields. On the other hand someone could be offering their services as entrepreneurs but potential clients can't find where to buy their services. Our goal is to create opportunities for both clients and entrepreneurs: whether you want to try out something new or find clients for your ongoing business ventures or for your expertise - FREE! Talent is there to help you out!

We are inspired by the thought of trying new things and doing it fast! Many great business ideas are left untried, but we would like to lower the difficulty of trying business ideas so low, that any crazy idea will be easy to try out and see if it works.

Self marketing can feel difficult and time consuming, but FREE! Talent is here to help with your customer acquisition in a new way. It's a known fact that the clients are searching for services more and more from the internet and your web pages can get lost in the flood of search results. As a client you are forced to search lots of different sources and fill up forms, without even knowing the price for the service you are looking for. So how about we gather up the experts and the clients in one easy to find place, where you can see the price and location instantly and getting in touch with the service provider is easy? This is what FREE! Talent is for!

For the Client

A sole talent can be easily lost in the vastness of the internet. FREE! Talent makes searching for talents a lot easier. You can search for the talent for your needs. We are used to searching for different services, like renovating, cleaning or moving help by using Google. Still we don't know what's the quality of the service we get. The truth is that the first results from Google searches go to the best marketer, and not always to the one who is the best at their jobs. This is why FREE! Talent will help you find the talents you wouldn't necessarily find from anywhere else.

You can compare talents by price and location. You can also see the feedback that the service provider has received from previous works and choose the one with best reviews.
Ever heard anyone asking for a trustworthy or affordable nanny, painter, cleaner photographer? In FREE! Talent you can compare the prices and background information for many service providers with just a few clicks.

Being an employer has never been this easy! With FREE! Talent you can find the right person for the job with just a few clicks and the payment will be handled afterwards with an easy to send invoice. You don't have to worry about the grey economy or the obligations of an employer, like insurances or pension contributions, since every service provider in FREE! Talent are instructed how to use the invoicing service whether they use their own company or our service.

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