What is entrepreneurship? 5min

Simply put entrepreneurship is a business that one or more persons are running as a Company. Generally speaking the idea of a company is to create value for its owners; the goal is for the profits to be larger than your expenses. Other goals can be growth of your business and income stability. The national economy without companies would be much worse, since people wouldn't have enough jobs. There are about a million businesses in Finland. The exact amount can change by quite a bit, depending on what register you are looking at. There are approximately one million active Business ID's, but when looking at the Trade register you can only find over 600 000 companies. When looking at companies that employ over 20 people, you'll find only about 20 000. All companies in Finland get an individual Business ID, which is the identification for the company or a community. Business ID is just like your Social security number, but Business ID is public information. We have many forms and sizes of companies in Finland and we'll go through them in the next section - Company types.

Even though Finland is not considered as an especially entrepreneur-friendly country, companies are supported in many ways in Finland. This mentality problem we are trying to change and show that being an entrepreneur is simpler and easier than you'd think! Companies and entrepreneurs of course have many kinds of responsibilities and obligations, but many time consuming and pointless feeling phases can be outsourced, like accounting for example.

The entrepreneur doesn't have to stress about time consuming and challenging steps, like reports and tax filings, since they will be handled by FREE! Entrepreneurship service. Some things you can manage yourself when starting your business, but when your business grows, outsourced services will become profitable or even necessary. All companies have an obligation for accounting and record keeping, regardless of the industry. Requirements for accounting are defined by the company type; for example Limited liability companies have more requirements for accounting than for a Private trader.

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